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The world is no longer about money, but about data. In fact, money sometimes has the form of digital data. The business world is rapidly digitizing and new technologies are changing products, processes, business models and corporate cultures.

Economists already speak of a new industrial revolution: the industry 4.0.

How do companies participate?

What is the economic impact of this process on your organization? Industrial revolutions change the nature of the business market and force organizations to transform to survive. The large amount of data has changed the market in the following ways. Effective options for the seo help online are now here for you.

Thanks to data, we no longer need physical resources to be innovative or competitive. Organizations such as Uber and Airbnb do not have physical resources, and yet they do better in terms of market value than their competitors.

A data-driven organization can scale up very quickly. In this way Uber gained a value of one billion dollars in less than four years. In comparison, companies used to do this for at least ten years.

Data-driven organizations can grow thanks to scope effects. This means that if one aspect of the organization is optimized through the use of data, this can easily be extended to another industry. Take Amazon, which started with the sale of books, then retail, then food and then probably logistics. This expansion is possible because the data knowledge of the company is easily transferable from one domain to another. The same applies to Tesla, which now uses its knowledge about energy and batteries for cars for clean energy solutions.

Because of the above matters, it is crucial to transform your organization into a digital company. Three issues are important here. What does the technical architecture look like for the new digital company? How do we convert data into concrete assets? How do we build a new organizational culture in which performance is driven by analytics and actual decision making?

The core of your architecture: the business intelligence system

According to Gartner and other research agencies, the technology platform of digital companies consists of five related main systems. In general, these systems cover all important organizational components: customer relations, management of partnerships, management of employees and processes, management of the Internet of Things (IoT) and devices, and support and management of analytics and decision making. Of course, each main system consists of different technologies. The most important thing in this new architecture, however, is that all systems are interconnected and that the business intelligence system (BI) is the core. Ottawa SEO

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What are payday loans?

Payday loans are short-term high-interest rates loans for small amounts of money. They are often referred to as predatory loans or short-term loans. Payday loans are not recommended by financial experts because it tends to trap people under more debt, nevertheless, if a person desperately needs money it would be better to look at other alternatives or if you are indulging yourself in a payday loan then keep the amount under your capability so that it can be covered by your next wages. Payday loans typically lend you money without any security documents or credit status and are given for small amounts ranging from $500 to $1500 at higher interest rates, and the amount is to be repaid within two weeks or any other negotiated period in a lump sum. If you want to know more about payday loans or want to calculate the interest on your payday loan, check out

Who borrows payday loans?

Payday loans can be taken by anyone in the world and in some African and Latin countries, many people are under payday loans. Payday loans are typically taken by people who do not have enough money to cover their monthly and daily requirements such as paying for their rent, utilities, and groceries. People who take payday loans often wind up incurring more debt in the process by not being able to repay their amount by paying the late fee (the interest rate on the borrowed amount) every month. Thus, repaying an amount that is more than the borrowed amount. That is why financial experts consider payday loans as highly dangerous and predatory as they target low-income minority sections who are financially illiterate.

How can you borrow payday loans?

There are some major differences between the traditional ways of lending money and the payday method of lending money. Where traditional lenders check the credit of the individual and his or her capability to pay back the amount and other necessary documents, payday loans are given to the customers irrespective of their credit score, all they require is a working bank account, your active source of income proof which makes it a heavily unsecure process of money lending. The borrowed sum then has to be paid in under two or three weeks depending upon the agreed terms and the individual is to write an advance check to the lender with the agreed date of repayment.

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Some must-know digital marketing terms

Marketing is one of the major and the most important factor associated with a brand, and each day this horizon of marketing is increasing. Each day we encounter new strategies and campaigns to increase the awareness of the product and services among the audience.

WE come across media houses, new marketing agencies, digital marketing houses, and so on all ready to invest in new business opportunities.

One important aspect of this ever-growing strategy is digital marketing. These words encompass those tools and ingredients on which a marketing campaign and its success and failure depend.

DIGITAL MARKETING is a very wide concept that includes search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, programmatic advertising, website testing, and so on.


There are some popular digital marketing terms that every marketing, digital marketing community must know. 

  1. AD WORDS- These are google owned words, which means they are used by advertisers on google page results to optimize the traffic over it.
  2. Blogging-An act of writing and sharing content on the company’s website to know the audience about the brand. Bloggers are available in every industry of every nature and type.
  3. Buyers journey- It is the journey of a buyer, A new lead passes through three stages- awareness, consideration, and decision. 
  4. Cost per acquisition- It is the cost charged to acquire one new customer through specific channels or campaigns. The organization calculates it by dividing the total cost incurred on media /channel by dividing it to several new customers.
  5. Cost per click- An advertiser pays whenever someone clicks on their social ad. Click on the ad is Cost per click not when someone sees it. 
  6. Conversion rate- A strategy used to see how many have filled out a form, visited a site, purchased divided by the total number of people targeted.
  7. CostImpression- An amount paid by an advertiser 1000 impressions on social ad
  8. Engagement rate- The rate at which a brand comes to know where the audience is liking the brand or not. An Engagement rate is calculated by no of likes, reviews, and comments, and shares. It makes the company know about people’s interest in products or services.
  9. Influencer- People who havea certain fan following on social media and brand collaborates with them to create a brand awareness between target audience. The influencer gets paid for a blog post, video, mention, or story. Their pay scale depends on their number of followers. 
  10. Remarketing – As the terms explain repeating an act. Itis for the people who have already visited the website. With help of remarketing the brand can reach and connect to previous visitors through Facebook ads.


Because of the growth of digital marketing in every country, we have new organizations coming up and focusing on this field. WebMarketFlorida provides with best marketing services to create brand awareness among audiences, it includes SEARCH ENGINE optimization, branding, and web designing. 

What is a paywall label? Things to know

A paywall label is a filter that identifies paid content from the free on the search results page. It is made to ease the process of finding relevant information on the internet by preventing links that would ask for a subscription or any other form of payment. A paywall restricts a website’s premium content and charges a fee to unlock it; it also acts as a revenue model for a website that sells products and services. However, there are pros and cons of having a paywall label for both users and those running the websites and we’ll be taking a closer look at the different aspects of consideration.

It labels paid content in the search results

First and foremost, as already mentioned, paywall labels act as filters to identify and differentiate paid content in search results. For a given user it comes in handy and saves time and effort to find information on the internet. However, it becomes frustrating to find content and start to read it only to be restricted in the process. This sentiment has been observed in a recent poll, where over 67% preferred the idea of having a label. Being able to know beforehand which sites can be accessed saves your time and energy.

It allows users to skip or overlook paid content

Building forward from the case, knowing beforehand the sites that can be accessed provides a bullseye view for skipping and overlooking links that might not deliver desired results. It is a potentially revolutionary power in the hands of the user as it can dictate new ways of doing business and change the landscape of consuming media on the internet. 

Display content that has unrestricted access

Knowing what content can be accessed properly without any restriction might save a lot of time and energy for the user as it will provide an opportunity to filter out and discover information that is hassle-free and one that doesn’t ruin the fun of unrestricted reading. The results on the search page will streamline the list of what can be consumed in its entirety and what falls behind a paywall. Thus, allowing more power to the user to decide upon the links to click on.

It negatively affects websites

The websites that offer premium content might fall on the bad side of the receiving end, as paywall labels segregate content based on monetary restrictions and combine this with already listed points above. In such cases, what you will get is content that cannot drive traffic even if it is available partly to the consumer. Therefore, paywall labels might negatively affect on website’s business if they don’t find a way around them.

Mediocrity over quality

One other aspect of labeling paywalls is that it allows easier navigation of content that is free and mediocre in standard (although, not all free content is mediocre). This will allow quality content to be superseded by the free content and can create ‘bad bubbles’ of information on the internet. Paywall labels might reduce traffic on quality journalism but it is also important to understand that quality journalism should be supported financially to ensure credible sources of information.

As it stands, paywall labels can provide a better user experience and hassle-free navigation of results on the search page. However, considering the other side of the coin, it also has the potential to take away the source of revenue for websites that ensures its sustenance.  

Features of a good university

When young people move out to a university, everything around them is new, for many, they have just left the comfort of their nest and spread their wings for the first time to take flight. Most have been under the guidance of their guardians who have helped them take all the significant decisions in their life. When it comes to choosing a university, most students have to bring their own decision regarding what they want to pursue and where from.

Questions like how do you choose the right university? or what things are important to be considered while settling on a decision? Are some that are present in the heads of these young people?Apart from curriculums, there are other good things that one can look for in a university as they come to a conclusive decision.

Should offer a wide array of courses.

Universities are interdisciplinary they offer a wide array of majors, so while you decide on a university, you should go for one that gives you the maximum choices. It would allow you to combine various subjects that you would want to study or switch in between terms if you develop a liking or become curious about something new.

Recreational facilities.

The on-campus facilities and amenities should be standard as you would be utilizing a lot of your time on campus. The recreation facilities and equipment for extracurricular activities have to be considered.


Education loans are expensive and can have you pinned under the repayment long after you are done graduating from the university. Pretty sure no one wants to be paying money that they could have otherwise put to better use, soa good university has to be affordable.

Career placements.

A university should be like a launchpad for you that skyrockets you towards the epitome of your carrier choice. A good university will have multiple placement cells where you will be able to find a company or job that suits you best.

Mobile University.

We see rapid changes as technology advances us towards the next step in the modern age. Today almost 100 percent of the youth owns a smartphone, and universities should be able to take advantage of this. The digital generation is all about convenience; they would prefer digital notes over physical or printed notes. A mobile university means eliminating the need forthe physical matter for information and using the latest available tech in the department of education.

How To Find The Author Of A Website

If you are composing a paper or doing a job that calls for citations, discovering the writer of a website is very important. Nevertheless, it can be tough to identify this info, especially if the website you are considering isn’t exactly based on an article. You can try seeking the writer in a number of areas, however you can still point out the web page even if the author can not be discovered.

In some cases you have to do some excavating around the website to discover details like title, author, or day on a page. Most of the information is found in the website’s header or footer of the website design. A website header must include the name of the site, and also links or titles of sub-organizations. If the information you are seeking does not appear on the page you are considering, maintain going up the site.

First Digging

Numerous web pages that hire contributing authors and also personnel will often display the name of the writer on top or base of an article. This is the initial location to check for a writer. Usually the author is the organization responsible for offering the web site- specifically when it’s a federal government website or a significant company. Take a look on top or bottom of the page or item that you are utilizing. If it is not stated there, take a look at the web site’s “contact us” web page or “concerning us.”

Several organizations essentially stop working to attribute the post to a specific person. Specifically, news organizations can post short articles under a “team” account, even if one primary author has been servicing the article. In these situations, you’ll need to call the internet site’s content staff or provided owner and also ask who the main writer was. Particularly news organizations as well as smaller sized blog sites are frequently satisfied to oblige. You can also attempt emailing them.

The Text May Speak

If you really feel as if the message you check out was extracted from elsewhere, you can always ask Google. Couple of scurrilous websites purposefully delete author recommendation when the text is repressed unlawfully without consent, however internet search engine can help you locate the original author.

Copy a small portion of the message as well as paste it on the internet search engine. You can also put quote marks on both ends. If the message was straight originated from somewhere, the leading search engine result must reveal you from where it was taken.

Look For Help From WHOIS

WHOIS is an internet site enrollment database and also may be utilized to attempt to track a site owner. This won’t always work, as the owner is often not the writer, and numerous owners and businesses make use of personal privacy services to conceal information. WHOIS details is supplied if you acquire a domain name from a domain name registrar. It can not just produce a track record for domains owned by a bachelor however additionally vital call information.

Most likely to and place the address of the internet site into their search engine. Check out the Registered Get in touch with area. You can discover the name of the person that registered that domain name. If the author himself registered the work, after that the name you see is probably the author. But given that somebody in addition to the author can register also, there is no warranty you’ll see the name you need.


If all various other else fail you may even attempt to look at a website’s raw information. Most existing content management systems additionally provide details about usernames, despite the fact that such info is not released publicly. When seeing the web page’s source code, tips concerning the authorship can be discovered included in formerly extra meta-tags. In a lot of significant web browsers, the alternative to view the resource page is offered as a context-click item.

By pushing “Control-U” in the majority of significant Web browsers, you can access the source code of every Web site. A web developer will in some cases include his name and copyright in a comment in the code, which prevents it from showing up on the real page. Some sites likewise make use of an “writer” tag to include a writer’s name in a fashion well-known by internet search engine. To locate the resource code, click “Control+ F,” and find for “writer.”.

Credit history as well as Integrity.

Some web pages, such as numerous online forums and also information electrical outlets, go to the top of the article, include bylines. Much less structured sites as well as those composed by a solitary author can miss the debt but still case possession of the product elsewhere. Scroll to the extremely bottom of an internet site to validate if the site is categorized with copyright, which could consist of the name of the writer or credit score of a writer. Otherwise, look for a link to a tab on “Around.” Some pages often provide possession on a tab identified “Terms of Usage,” commonly attached to the bottom of a section.

When it comes to the integrity, to start with, take a look at the credentials of the author. See if they have some previous background in the location they write in and otherwise. Look at what they have achieved, how much time they have attained it, as well as where they have done it. They are typically thought about credible if someone has extensive experience in a certain area or about a specific subject. Then do some authorial research. Have you or any individual else heard about the writer or check out any of their other job? Can you find any information on him or discover his other job? These concerns and responses need to assist you make a decision whether a writer can be deemed trustworthy or not.

Last Ideas.

Individuals commonly look for author names when they need to mention it. It’s totally feasible that you make a decision to find of interest. Whatever the factor, it’s not that tough to locate the writer (in many cases). Simply comply with the preliminary steps initially. If whatever fails, then you can either attempt getting in call or seek the innovative techniques.

5 Reasons Why Shared Hosting is the Perfect Choice for Your First Blog

When planning to start a new blog, there is an array of things that every user needs to consider and be mindful of. One of these is the choice of website hosting.  From Shared Hosting to Cloud Hosting, from Virtual Server Hosting to Dedicated Servers, bloggers are spoilt for choices. All these hosting options offer some of the best features for bloggers. However, owing to the affordability and ease of management, Shared Website Hosting plans emerge as the perfect choice for first-time bloggers.

As one of the easiest and the simplest form of website hosting, a Shared Hosting solution encompasses the sharing of a single server space between multiple users. Put simply, Shared Website Hosting allows a single physical server to host multiple accounts, wherein all the processing and storage resources of the server are shared among the websites.

Why is Shared Hosting best for First Time Bloggers?

There are multiple reasons to explain the perks of using a Shared Website Hosting for the first blog and the most important ones include:

  1. Cost-effective: Since Shared Hosting involves sharing the server space, the cost is effectively divided among the users. As first-time bloggers might be limited in terms of money and won’t need a lot of hosting resources, spending huge amounts on advanced hosting solutions seems inappropriate. With Shared Hosting, these bloggers can obtain hosting solutions at a reduced and affordable cost.
  2. Maintenance and Updates: When users start fresh on their online journey, they might not have significant knowledge or technical expertise to maintain and run the site. With Shared Website Hosting, bloggers need not worry about the backend setup and the maintenance of the server as it is the prerogative of the service providers to ensure hassle-free functioning of the server.
  3. Sufficient Resources: In order to run a website effectively and seamlessly, one must have enough disk space and optimal bandwidth. Even the most basic plan of Shared Hosting offers enough resources for the first blog. The fact that the blog is new and has limited traffic, spending huge amounts for Dedicated Hosting would be a wastage of resources and money. On the contrary, Shared Hosting provides a minimum bandwidth of 1GB, which is enough to host a maximum of 200 pages and as a first-time blogger, this is not only sufficient but exceeds the requirements.
  4. Ability to upgrade plans: Another excellent reason why Shared Hosting is best for the first time bloggers is the ease provided by the same. What this suggests is that as the business of the blogger grows or the site experiences more and more traffic, they can upgrade their Shared Hosting plan and, in a way, scale resources so as to adhere to the growing requests.
  5. Secure Infrastructure: One of the common misconceptions related to Shared Hosting is that the service isn’t secured. However, that’s not true, and it is seen that even a Shared Hosting solution provides the ease to integrate the blogging site with an SSL certificate and ensure total encryption and security. It is proven that websites that aren’t secured tend to rank lower in Google search engine ranking. With Shared Website Hosting, bloggers need not worry about it.

Final Word

In a nutshell, Shared Website Hosting offers as many resources as needed to run the first blog effectively and successfully. And all of these are provided at an affordable price. So if you are about to launch your first blog, Shared Hosting would be the best solution to invest in.

How to Backup Data of Your VPS Hosted Website

Website backups are your insurance plan against any disaster or threat that your website might encounter. Rather than listing down the benefits of ensuring comprehensive backups, we think that it would be safe to say that backups act as insurance for website owners. Backups enable you to save your data, applications, as well as, the entire website and prepare you for any eventuality where you lose your data and/or applications by allowing you to restore/redeploy them whenever needed. You can start again from the most recent restore point and ensure uninterrupted services. Every hosting requires a different  backup plan that suits your site. In this article, we will offer some tips to help you backup data on your VPS-hosted website.

If you want to backup your files and not the entire website…

In such cases, you can use some tools which are designed to help you to create a copy of the files at another location. Some such tools are:

CP Command

This is the simplest way to backup files on Linux. By running the CP command in terminal, you can quickly copy files from your VPS to any other location. Whereas in Windows, you can use terminal emulators like puTTY to copy your files.

RSync Command

The RSync command is similar to the CP command and also offers more flexibility and options. Further, you can backup your files remotely using this command. For this, you need to install RSync on both the devices and write the code for automating the backups.

Remember to store your backup on another machine or external drive and keep it at a geographically separate location.

Versioning Backups

Many VPS-hosted website owners opt for versioning backups as an effective backup solution. You can create versioning backups manually by creating a backup before you edit any file. You can also create automated backups by creating time-stamped files that are hidden when you make changes. Placing the below code in your ~/.bashrc file can help you with this.

cp file1 file1.bak

nano file1

However, if you edit your files on a regular basis, then this is not a great option since it is time and space-consuming. In such cases, you can opt for the version control system or GIT.

VPS-level Backups

Most VPS Hosting providers offer an automated backup solution with advanced tools like CodeGuard which backs up the VPS image on a regular basis. While you shouldn’t rely on this backup completely, it certainly adds an additional security net for your data.

Block-level Backups

A more comprehensive and deeper substitute to file-level backups is the block-level backup which is also called as ‘imaging’. These backups allow you to copy an entire file block instead of individual files. Therefore, you don’t miss any file. Further, by backing up entire blocks, you save a lot of time too.

Backup PC

You can also install Backup PC into your appliance or VPS to make it act like a backup server. However, in order to do so, you need to allow SSH access to the backup server on the client-side. Once this is done, you don’t need any more programs to manage and configure your backups.

The Bacula Solution

Another effective backup solution for websites using VPS Hosting services is Bacula. It leverages the server-client model and offers a flexible package. It also demarcates backup locations, directors, and clients and configures tasks into smaller units – ‘Jobs’. With Bacula, you can modify the backup scheme by tinkering with the nodes. Bacula is also known to perform good over a network.Remember, backing up your data regularly is not an option – it is a must. While cyber threats and viruses can damage your data, there is also a possibility of the data getting corrupt due to unforeseen reasons. Under any circumstance, you wouldn’t want to lose your data, right? So, follow the tips mentioned in this article and get your backup plan in place. Good Luck!

Guest Posting Service Is What You Need For Making a Top-Notch Blog


Starting or running a blog for some time without success is not something that should demotivate you. There are millions of blogs in the world and they are all fighting for their place under the blogosphere sun. See here more about what blogosphere is.

If you want to become a successful blogger, you need to look for professional help. You need someone who will help you make a name for yourself and make the path for standing out from the crowd. You need someone that will provide you a place where you’ll write guest posts or will write guest posts for you.

What are guest posts

Guest posting, as the name suggests, is writing articles and posting them as a guest on another person’s blog. There are many bloggers accepting guest posts on their blogs. Not everyone accepts guest posts, but those that accept will do you a great favor in posting your articles on their blogs.

Why guest posts are important

Guest posts are important for many reasons. For starting, this is probably the only way to become recognized in the blogging community and be taken seriously. If you write something that’s relevant and connect it to your blog, people will see that you know what you’re talking about and will start visiting your blog regularly.

Another important thing is SEO and becoming relevant for the Google bots that rank your place on the search engine. By posting to another relevant blog and adding a backlink to your blog you automatically raise the relevancy of your blog too. Don’t know much about SEO? Learn about it here:

Then comes the connection with the other bloggers. Building a life online and becoming a part of the community is a tough job, but once you make friends among the other bloggers you can count on their support whenever you need it. One quality guest post will gain the trust of your host and you’ll probably be offered to write more.

How to get guest posts?

The first guest post is hard to get. Actually, hard to get is a good term – getting the first guest post is almost impossible. If you don’t have someone to give you a push, chances are enormous you won’t get that first guest post.

Instead of writing dozens of emails to blog owners and beg them to let you in, you can find a guest posting service and see what they offer. Guest posting companies usually offer guest posting to relevant blogs from which you’ll get links, better ranking, and showing your name to the online world. These companies, like the Quality Guest Posts, offer whole packages of services to get your blogs up where they belong.


Why it’s smarter to hire professionals instead of working yourself

Trying to do it on your own might get you nowhere. There are literally millions of blogs that never saw the light of the day from a greater public because their owners either didn’t know how to work on them or simply refused to do something more about breaking through.

Success is inevitable if you hire a guest posting service. Guest posting services have a wide range of blogs that are connected with and can always provide a place for your articles on the subject you want. For example, if you’re writing about growing potatoes, then the company you hire will find a relevant blog about agriculture or vegetables.

This way your article will find its way to the desired public. As you can see it’s not only important to find a place where you can guest post, but find a suitable blog writing about the same or similar topics. Sure, it’s good your posts to be seen by the wide public, but it’s even better if the articles are seen by a well-targeted public.


You can have a respectable blog that looks great and is regularly having new content. However, if you want to have a really top-notch blog that will be going places and you’ll earn from it later, then you need all the help you can get. This help will come from skilled and experienced bloggers that provide guest posting service for you.


1. Archangel: Hellfire Free

This is a diabolical union of god-like mechanical weapons and hellish commanding deathmatch. Tense, free shooter, where you, armed to the teeth, control a huge death weapon and fight for an apocalyptic landscape. Tired of the chaos in PVP (one-on-one)? Go to a single player campaign with the possibility of winning prizes, and relive the story that leads to the current fur war between HUMNX and USFF.

The virtual reality game, which recently received a new nickname Archangel Hellfire, used to be a fur shooter only in single player mode. Although Skydance Interactive recently released a multiplayer extension off-rails, which takes you into team deathmatch and adds a new armored vehicle, which originally had to go out in a single-player virtual reality game. Fortunately, the studio also released a free version that offers team multiplayer.


The latest bestseller DiRT Rally has officially supplanted Project Cars from its list of direct competitors. Now this virtual reality game can be called number one among the races for Oculus Rift. The novelty has a darker and more atmospheric visual range, and it is ideally suited to emphasize all the advantages of the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch.

Overall, the virtual reality game is a great product for virtual reality. Every second turn is further emphasized by sharpness and drifts, which is accompanied by a terrifying and very realistic whistle of tires in the ears. Each victory in the circle seems to merit, and in general it is more pleasant to win in DiRT Rally than in any other application of this kind. It remains only to dream that the next releases of this virtual reality game, the developers will add an accessory like a steering wheel – and then you can officially forget about reality.

3. Robo Recall (Free with Touch Activation)

Virtual Reality Games certainly knows how to work with the Unreal Engine – after all, they created it. Robo Recall definitely boasts the highest cost of production in the store right now, since several millions were spent on the virtual reality game. Being a single player virtual reality  game, Robo Recall uses the Oculus Touch to the full; You will capture combat bots and you will control six arrows with your own hands.

Description: A recent flurry of malfunctioning, deadly robots has formed a gap in the constant underfunding of RoboReady. Being thrown into the fight as a Recaller, you must rely on your mind, reflexes and a huge arsenal of weapons to eliminate the robots rebellion.

Why cameras instead of mirrors did not appear in production before?

car shock absorbers

Mirrors – one of the most successful parts of the car: it is not surprising that they change so little over time. Why refuse them? In the first place – due to aerodynamics. According to statistics collected by German scientists, the contribution of the protruding mirrors to the frontal resistance of the car can reach 5%. If the mirror housings are completely removed from the air flow, passenger cars in normal conditions can reduce consumption by 0.1 liter per 100 kilometers (and for high-speed traffic – to 0.4 liters per 100 kilometers). And it is especially valuable for trucks with their large mirrors and huge annual runs – according to scientists’ estimates, the gain in fuel consumption can reach 2.9 percent.

Why didn’t they put video cameras instead of mirrors earlier if the technologies are ready? So far, the laws were not ready. Technical regulations in most countries are based on the rules developed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Now it is impossible without mirrors: the installation of a salon rear-view mirror and two side mirrors on passenger cars is obligatory according to UNECE Rule No. 46. On commercial vehicles, it is possible to replace mirrors with cameras – but not the main ones, but only additional ones (for example, those that show the area under the windshield of the truck). But a new version of the rules is about to come into effect, which will allow replacing all mirrors with cameras. Work on it went on for several years: the first draft of the UNECE was submitted back in 2010. The document will be based on the ISO 16505 standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization. The first swallows to get rid of the usual mirrors will be the Audi e-tron electric car in Europe and the updated Mercedes-Benz Actros truck in Europe.

Legislation in the United States is very different from European, and so far they are not refusing from mirrors. Back in 2016, Tesla was planning to release its Model X electric crossover with cameras in place of side mirrors (they can be seen in the pictures of pre-production cars). Then, the Teslovites, along with other members of the Alliance of automakers, filed a petition with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: automobile manufacturers hoped to change the Federal Safety Standard for Wheeled Vehicles (FMVSS) No. 111, but they refused – and Tesla Model X came out with ordinary mirrors. But the corresponding changes in Japanese law made in 2016 – which allowed Toyota in the home market to begin selling Lexus ES sedans without rear-view mirrors.

But there are still a lot of questions: what to do if the camera lens starts to “sweat” like the lights of many modern cars? Yes, and how to be in the bitter cold? Do you have to wait for the LCD monitors to warm up?