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5 Reasons Why Shared Hosting is the Perfect Choice for Your First Blog

When planning to start a new blog, there is an array of things that every user needs to consider and be mindful of. One of these is the choice of website hosting.  From Shared Hosting to Cloud Hosting, from Virtual Server Hosting to Dedicated Servers, bloggers are spoilt for choices. All these hosting options offer some of the best features for bloggers. However, owing to the affordability and ease of management, Shared Website Hosting plans emerge as the perfect choice for first-time bloggers.

As one of the easiest and the simplest form of website hosting, a Shared Hosting solution encompasses the sharing of a single server space between multiple users. Put simply, Shared Website Hosting allows a single physical server to host multiple accounts, wherein all the processing and storage resources of the server are shared among the websites.

Why is Shared Hosting best for First Time Bloggers?

There are multiple reasons to explain the perks of using a Shared Website Hosting for the first blog and the most important ones include:

  1. Cost-effective: Since Shared Hosting involves sharing the server space, the cost is effectively divided among the users. As first-time bloggers might be limited in terms of money and won’t need a lot of hosting resources, spending huge amounts on advanced hosting solutions seems inappropriate. With Shared Hosting, these bloggers can obtain hosting solutions at a reduced and affordable cost.
  2. Maintenance and Updates: When users start fresh on their online journey, they might not have significant knowledge or technical expertise to maintain and run the site. With Shared Website Hosting, bloggers need not worry about the backend setup and the maintenance of the server as it is the prerogative of the service providers to ensure hassle-free functioning of the server.
  3. Sufficient Resources: In order to run a website effectively and seamlessly, one must have enough disk space and optimal bandwidth. Even the most basic plan of Shared Hosting offers enough resources for the first blog. The fact that the blog is new and has limited traffic, spending huge amounts for Dedicated Hosting would be a wastage of resources and money. On the contrary, Shared Hosting provides a minimum bandwidth of 1GB, which is enough to host a maximum of 200 pages and as a first-time blogger, this is not only sufficient but exceeds the requirements.
  4. Ability to upgrade plans: Another excellent reason why Shared Hosting is best for the first time bloggers is the ease provided by the same. What this suggests is that as the business of the blogger grows or the site experiences more and more traffic, they can upgrade their Shared Hosting plan and, in a way, scale resources so as to adhere to the growing requests.
  5. Secure Infrastructure: One of the common misconceptions related to Shared Hosting is that the service isn’t secured. However, that’s not true, and it is seen that even a Shared Hosting solution provides the ease to integrate the blogging site with an SSL certificate and ensure total encryption and security. It is proven that websites that aren’t secured tend to rank lower in Google search engine ranking. With Shared Website Hosting, bloggers need not worry about it.

Final Word

In a nutshell, Shared Website Hosting offers as many resources as needed to run the first blog effectively and successfully. And all of these are provided at an affordable price. So if you are about to launch your first blog, Shared Hosting would be the best solution to invest in.

A Beginners Guide to Starting a Music Blog

If you are ready to take things to the next level and start a music blog, it will not only be great for your professional life, but it will also be of a fulfilling hobby as well. In this guide, we will look at some of the reasons why should start a music blog how to create one and some of the best tips on how to launch and promote your music projects.

Why Start A Blog?

There are tons of reasons why starting a blog is an excellent idea. If you are passionate about music and love writing a music blog can be a great hobby and a good side hustle that could even turn out to be a full-time job. A blog will offer you a space to be creative, and it will allow you to;

  • Build relationships with artists, tour managers, record labels and other people in the music industry.
  • Become an insider in the industry and always good to hear the news first
  • Create your own community of music fans that share your interest
  • Attend festivals, live events, and performances for free, so that you can review for your blog
  • Make money from doing something you enjoy

How To Plan Your Blog

There are already so many blogs on the internet and new ones being created every day that it can be a challenge to stand out. The first thing you must do is decide on your blogging niche. A well-defined niche is one that will help your audience discover you, which will make it easy for you to succeed.

A niche is a topic you decide to make your blog about. You could choose to start a blog about electronic music or country music or how to play instruments, and all those are different niches. Your blog could be about anything music, and when you come off as an expert, you will be the go-to person in the industry. If you’re not sure what exactly you would like your niche to be, you can create a list of all the things you are passionate about in music. Once you narrow down the choices that seem interesting to you, go online and check out what music blogs cover that space to see how you can create a blog that stands out.

How to Start The Blog

Buy a domain name, and then buy a web hosting provider for your blog. When that is done, the next step is installing a content management system, which is also known as a CMS. One of the best CMS in the industry is WordPress, which is a free and open source that is supported by large communities of experts and developers.

Install a Theme

A WordPress install comes with free themes to choose from, and you can also invest in third-party custom themes that will help your blog stand out, and give it a professional look. Of course, Sonaar : Music WordPress Theme is just as incredible, and you can use any one of those provided. If you don’t know which then to go with, then do some research and check out music blogs to identify the colors that trends, the layouts, and other elements that appeal to you most. It is also essential for you to consider your potential audience when selecting a theme.

Launching The Blog

Before you launch your blog, you need to create a content plan and a mailing list so that you can inform your friends once the blog goes live. Once you do that, you can then launch your blog online and tell your family and friends to support you by reading it and sharing it with their friends.

Through having an expressive web design you can impress your clients easily

Having a professional built website would help you to face the competitors in your business circle. It is because nowadays the technology is ruling the world. There is no denying that your website can able to create a responsive web page that would able to gain more popularity to reach your targeted customers.

In that case there is a need for you to find out the best web design company. Only they can able to give a life for your web design. Here are the few beneficial things that you can able to get when you pick up the best web design company for your concerns.

The first impression that you create should be best and quite expressive

The web design that you create would give a lively feel. Through seeing the web design people should like that and they should volunteer themselves to make use of that product. But in case of unprofessional website it would pull down your popularity down because your clients would never like to make use of it and they would skip to some other providers who provide the best web design with innovative offers.

They would help to create a great challenging situation for your competition

When you have a professional website this would allow you to stay topper on your industry and that would create a great challenge to face your competition. The web design company would be working continuously and do the required changes that is required. They would keep on updating the things in the website that is needed. 24/7 hours they keep on monitoring all the things that is happening in the online and they would boost up your website to reach top level.

Features of choosing the best web design company

The excellent web design is used for boosting up your business in the search engine through playing the big role in the search engine optimization process. They take care of all from loading the quality of content for making your website easily for accessible on any device.

  • The website should easily navigate and viewed from your mobile devices. Only then more customers can able to reach you on time.
  • The cost that you are going to spend for web design is less and with its help you can able to advertise and reach a lot of customers.
  • This would help for improving the satisfaction of your customers and increase up the popularity.
  • One can able to easily do access your company information from anywhere at any time.
  • It is also used for increasing up the sales and creates a wide opportunity for you to prove up your credibility.
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