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When shipping dangerous products via air, it is essential to take into account the potentially hurtful effects of temperature, pressure and dampness varieties, and in addition the danger of damage from vibration and misusing.

The company specializes in all aspects of the transportation of dangerous products, from identification to bundling, checking, labeling and documentation. For the Freight Search truck free load boards finder this is important. They handle all classes of dangerous merchandise over a wide range of items, including:

  • Chemical items
  • Fine chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Oil items
  • Liquefied gases
  • aerosols
  • cosmetics
  • Canvases
  • Battery
  • Dry day off
  • Infectious substances
  • explosives

The services include:

  • the taking care of, bundling and documentation of dangerous merchandise in UN approved bundling either from our SMS sites or from customer premises;
  • collection, collection and storage of dangerous merchandise;
  • identification, stamping and labeling as per the applicable regulations;
  • the re-molding of damaged merchandise;
  • re-molding as per the most extreme net quantities allowed per package;
  • the signature of the IATA declaration of the shipper for the dangerous merchandise and other transport documents required;
  • the association of national and international transport;
  • Dangerous Goods Advisor;
  • the service of providing dry ice;
  • organic services for clinics, universities and research laboratories.

The merchandise can be collected and delivered internally by SGS or by an outsider transport organization. Our offices and warehouses are strategically located at the international air terminals of Amsterdam and Brussels, and at other regional airplane terminals and at Spijkenisse, in the heart of Rotterdam’s seaport, ensuring quick delivery for your customers around the globe.

Discover how the dangerous products services can bolster your business.

Modern inland route vessels convey superb items, for example, cellulose, chemical fertilizer, potash, phosphates, cement, coal, minerals, creature feed and containers.

Transport by barge to benefits:

  • Suitable for national and international transport
  • Relatively low transportation costs compared to other modes of transport
  • Inland route is quick, especially in case of huge volumes
  • Inland route is relatively ecological and safe
  • Very reliable and dependable
  • Not affected by roads turned parking lots

Thinking together with you as an independent service provider, we reflect with you on the correct pontoon, the perfect place and the time. Whether for once or on a fixed contract premise, we are the ideal partner!

In conclusion, let’s recall one simple truth: first you still need to decide what you want to achieve, and only then how to do it. One of the leading experts in the field of manning, well-oriented in the most complicated technique, on this occasion said: “There is nothing wrong with the manual system of picking. Of course, if it is highly profitable. “