Some must-know digital marketing terms

Marketing is one of the major and the most important factor associated with a brand, and each day this horizon of marketing is increasing. Each day we encounter new strategies and campaigns to increase the awareness of the product and services among the audience.

WE come across media houses, new marketing agencies, digital marketing houses, and so on all ready to invest in new business opportunities.

One important aspect of this ever-growing strategy is digital marketing. These words encompass those tools and ingredients on which a marketing campaign and its success and failure depend.

DIGITAL MARKETING is a very wide concept that includes search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, programmatic advertising, website testing, and so on.


There are some popular digital marketing terms that every marketing, digital marketing community must know. 

  1. AD WORDS- These are google owned words, which means they are used by advertisers on google page results to optimize the traffic over it.
  2. Blogging-An act of writing and sharing content on the company’s website to know the audience about the brand. Bloggers are available in every industry of every nature and type.
  3. Buyers journey- It is the journey of a buyer, A new lead passes through three stages- awareness, consideration, and decision. 
  4. Cost per acquisition- It is the cost charged to acquire one new customer through specific channels or campaigns. The organization calculates it by dividing the total cost incurred on media /channel by dividing it to several new customers.
  5. Cost per click- An advertiser pays whenever someone clicks on their social ad. Click on the ad is Cost per click not when someone sees it. 
  6. Conversion rate- A strategy used to see how many have filled out a form, visited a site, purchased divided by the total number of people targeted.
  7. CostImpression- An amount paid by an advertiser 1000 impressions on social ad
  8. Engagement rate- The rate at which a brand comes to know where the audience is liking the brand or not. An Engagement rate is calculated by no of likes, reviews, and comments, and shares. It makes the company know about people’s interest in products or services.
  9. Influencer- People who havea certain fan following on social media and brand collaborates with them to create a brand awareness between target audience. The influencer gets paid for a blog post, video, mention, or story. Their pay scale depends on their number of followers. 
  10. Remarketing – As the terms explain repeating an act. Itis for the people who have already visited the website. With help of remarketing the brand can reach and connect to previous visitors through Facebook ads.


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What is a paywall label? Things to know

A paywall label is a filter that identifies paid content from the free on the search results page. It is made to ease the process of finding relevant information on the internet by preventing links that would ask for a subscription or any other form of payment. A paywall restricts a website’s premium content and charges a fee to unlock it; it also acts as a revenue model for a website that sells products and services. However, there are pros and cons of having a paywall label for both users and those running the websites and we’ll be taking a closer look at the different aspects of consideration.

It labels paid content in the search results

First and foremost, as already mentioned, paywall labels act as filters to identify and differentiate paid content in search results. For a given user it comes in handy and saves time and effort to find information on the internet. However, it becomes frustrating to find content and start to read it only to be restricted in the process. This sentiment has been observed in a recent poll, where over 67% preferred the idea of having a label. Being able to know beforehand which sites can be accessed saves your time and energy.

It allows users to skip or overlook paid content

Building forward from the case, knowing beforehand the sites that can be accessed provides a bullseye view for skipping and overlooking links that might not deliver desired results. It is a potentially revolutionary power in the hands of the user as it can dictate new ways of doing business and change the landscape of consuming media on the internet. 

Display content that has unrestricted access

Knowing what content can be accessed properly without any restriction might save a lot of time and energy for the user as it will provide an opportunity to filter out and discover information that is hassle-free and one that doesn’t ruin the fun of unrestricted reading. The results on the search page will streamline the list of what can be consumed in its entirety and what falls behind a paywall. Thus, allowing more power to the user to decide upon the links to click on.

It negatively affects websites

The websites that offer premium content might fall on the bad side of the receiving end, as paywall labels segregate content based on monetary restrictions and combine this with already listed points above. In such cases, what you will get is content that cannot drive traffic even if it is available partly to the consumer. Therefore, paywall labels might negatively affect on website’s business if they don’t find a way around them.

Mediocrity over quality

One other aspect of labeling paywalls is that it allows easier navigation of content that is free and mediocre in standard (although, not all free content is mediocre). This will allow quality content to be superseded by the free content and can create ‘bad bubbles’ of information on the internet. Paywall labels might reduce traffic on quality journalism but it is also important to understand that quality journalism should be supported financially to ensure credible sources of information.

As it stands, paywall labels can provide a better user experience and hassle-free navigation of results on the search page. However, considering the other side of the coin, it also has the potential to take away the source of revenue for websites that ensures its sustenance.  

How to Backup Data of Your VPS Hosted Website

Website backups are your insurance plan against any disaster or threat that your website might encounter. Rather than listing down the benefits of ensuring comprehensive backups, we think that it would be safe to say that backups act as insurance for website owners. Backups enable you to save your data, applications, as well as, the entire website and prepare you for any eventuality where you lose your data and/or applications by allowing you to restore/redeploy them whenever needed. You can start again from the most recent restore point and ensure uninterrupted services. Every hosting requires a different  backup plan that suits your site. In this article, we will offer some tips to help you backup data on your VPS-hosted website.

If you want to backup your files and not the entire website…

In such cases, you can use some tools which are designed to help you to create a copy of the files at another location. Some such tools are:

CP Command

This is the simplest way to backup files on Linux. By running the CP command in terminal, you can quickly copy files from your VPS to any other location. Whereas in Windows, you can use terminal emulators like puTTY to copy your files.

RSync Command

The RSync command is similar to the CP command and also offers more flexibility and options. Further, you can backup your files remotely using this command. For this, you need to install RSync on both the devices and write the code for automating the backups.

Remember to store your backup on another machine or external drive and keep it at a geographically separate location.

Versioning Backups

Many VPS-hosted website owners opt for versioning backups as an effective backup solution. You can create versioning backups manually by creating a backup before you edit any file. You can also create automated backups by creating time-stamped files that are hidden when you make changes. Placing the below code in your ~/.bashrc file can help you with this.

cp file1 file1.bak

nano file1

However, if you edit your files on a regular basis, then this is not a great option since it is time and space-consuming. In such cases, you can opt for the version control system or GIT.

VPS-level Backups

Most VPS Hosting providers offer an automated backup solution with advanced tools like CodeGuard which backs up the VPS image on a regular basis. While you shouldn’t rely on this backup completely, it certainly adds an additional security net for your data.

Block-level Backups

A more comprehensive and deeper substitute to file-level backups is the block-level backup which is also called as ‘imaging’. These backups allow you to copy an entire file block instead of individual files. Therefore, you don’t miss any file. Further, by backing up entire blocks, you save a lot of time too.

Backup PC

You can also install Backup PC into your appliance or VPS to make it act like a backup server. However, in order to do so, you need to allow SSH access to the backup server on the client-side. Once this is done, you don’t need any more programs to manage and configure your backups.

The Bacula Solution

Another effective backup solution for websites using VPS Hosting services is Bacula. It leverages the server-client model and offers a flexible package. It also demarcates backup locations, directors, and clients and configures tasks into smaller units – ‘Jobs’. With Bacula, you can modify the backup scheme by tinkering with the nodes. Bacula is also known to perform good over a network.Remember, backing up your data regularly is not an option – it is a must. While cyber threats and viruses can damage your data, there is also a possibility of the data getting corrupt due to unforeseen reasons. Under any circumstance, you wouldn’t want to lose your data, right? So, follow the tips mentioned in this article and get your backup plan in place. Good Luck!

Guest Posting Service Is What You Need For Making a Top-Notch Blog


Starting or running a blog for some time without success is not something that should demotivate you. There are millions of blogs in the world and they are all fighting for their place under the blogosphere sun. See here more about what blogosphere is.

If you want to become a successful blogger, you need to look for professional help. You need someone who will help you make a name for yourself and make the path for standing out from the crowd. You need someone that will provide you a place where you’ll write guest posts or will write guest posts for you.

What are guest posts

Guest posting, as the name suggests, is writing articles and posting them as a guest on another person’s blog. There are many bloggers accepting guest posts on their blogs. Not everyone accepts guest posts, but those that accept will do you a great favor in posting your articles on their blogs.

Why guest posts are important

Guest posts are important for many reasons. For starting, this is probably the only way to become recognized in the blogging community and be taken seriously. If you write something that’s relevant and connect it to your blog, people will see that you know what you’re talking about and will start visiting your blog regularly.

Another important thing is SEO and becoming relevant for the Google bots that rank your place on the search engine. By posting to another relevant blog and adding a backlink to your blog you automatically raise the relevancy of your blog too. Don’t know much about SEO? Learn about it here:

Then comes the connection with the other bloggers. Building a life online and becoming a part of the community is a tough job, but once you make friends among the other bloggers you can count on their support whenever you need it. One quality guest post will gain the trust of your host and you’ll probably be offered to write more.

How to get guest posts?

The first guest post is hard to get. Actually, hard to get is a good term – getting the first guest post is almost impossible. If you don’t have someone to give you a push, chances are enormous you won’t get that first guest post.

Instead of writing dozens of emails to blog owners and beg them to let you in, you can find a guest posting service and see what they offer. Guest posting companies usually offer guest posting to relevant blogs from which you’ll get links, better ranking, and showing your name to the online world. These companies, like the Quality Guest Posts, offer whole packages of services to get your blogs up where they belong.


Why it’s smarter to hire professionals instead of working yourself

Trying to do it on your own might get you nowhere. There are literally millions of blogs that never saw the light of the day from a greater public because their owners either didn’t know how to work on them or simply refused to do something more about breaking through.

Success is inevitable if you hire a guest posting service. Guest posting services have a wide range of blogs that are connected with and can always provide a place for your articles on the subject you want. For example, if you’re writing about growing potatoes, then the company you hire will find a relevant blog about agriculture or vegetables.

This way your article will find its way to the desired public. As you can see it’s not only important to find a place where you can guest post, but find a suitable blog writing about the same or similar topics. Sure, it’s good your posts to be seen by the wide public, but it’s even better if the articles are seen by a well-targeted public.


You can have a respectable blog that looks great and is regularly having new content. However, if you want to have a really top-notch blog that will be going places and you’ll earn from it later, then you need all the help you can get. This help will come from skilled and experienced bloggers that provide guest posting service for you.

What to Search for in SEO Services

Today there is a substantial need for expert SEO services. As the variety of website survives, the internet is being enhanced by hundreds and also thousands daily it is all also evident that the competitors for web traffic are expanding at all times. Since 2009 there were greater than one hundred million various websites obtainable, several with a variety of various web pages. If you are looking the internet for info just how do you set about it? The majority of us still utilize the primary internet search engine. To be able to get the greatest feasible internet search engine positions for your websites you will certainly require registering with a business that depends on the day with the current seo methods. The adhering to approaches is among one of the most prominent since today:

Connect structure

Hyperlinks are the arteries as well as blood vessels of the web. The SEO firm you work with to perform your web marketing requires being knowledgeable about exactly how to increase your internet search engine positioning by the right use web links jasa backlink. As a whole term, the much more incoming as well as outgoing web links to your web pages there are the better the quantity of website traffic your website is most likely to obtain.

Among the easiest methods to improve your presence in the significant internet search engine is to know to associate with your website sent to as numerous directory sites as feasible. In several search inquiries, online directory sites get high positions, and you can utilize this to leapfrog over your rivals.

It is very important to recognize that numerous internet users are online looking for “exactly how to” info. The SEO business you select need to have the ability to change your websites to draw in a broader target market with even more appealing web content.

How to learn SEO: Tips for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an essential approach today to be visible on the web. Being on the front page on the search engines is the goal of any website, but to achieve this, the path is sometimes long and winding.

Rome was not made in a day

When you start in natural referencing, it is important to understand how a search engine works, to know the basics of SEO, to follow the news and to know how to master the tools to optimize the SEO of a site. In parallel, several methods make it possible to learn SEO and to train there.

You want to deepen your knowledge on SEO or know the best methods to learn SEO effectively? This article is here to enlighten you on the subject.

Work on the basics of natural referencing

Working with SEO aims to position your site among the first natural results of search engines. Several points are to work and to examine under the magnifying glass to hope to position his site in the top 3 pages of results of the search engines. So the SEO is based on 3 basic levels: having good content, having a technically clean site (good indexing, markup, etc.) and work the popularity of the site.

Optimize your content

To be well positioned, your site must have fresh and unique content, quality and responsive to the request of the user. You must therefore provide relevant content so that Google’s robots, “GoogleBots”, who will analyze the page can, then classify it in the results pages. The goal for Google is to be able to offer Internet users pages with content that respond to their request. For this is a list of the main good practices. Start by testing keywords on AdWords or other tools to write relevant content. Think of giving originality to your contents so that they stand out. Remember to structure your content by titles and subtitles.

Increase awareness of your site

Your site must also be known. In other words, he must make traffic. For this, you must have a large number of external links or back-links from several referent domains. A referent domain is a site external to yours that makes one or more links to a page of your site. You will therefore have to carry out a strategy of netlinking by contacting webmasters, creating pages on various directories or other directories to create external links, having original content and standing out from the crowd to gain maximum natural links. The more popular your site is with quality links, the more likely it is to be in Google’s top results. To get a summary of his net linking campaign, you can create a link directory, with the source of the link, the landing page, the anchor used to mix your anchors.


If you study carefully what will drive you to better your web pages and save half the cost that you would splurge on advertising. Every click that you get for your site need not be paid. The promotion is done worldwide and all through the day and night as well all the days of the year. So, your promotions are going on even when you are taking a snooze. The trust and credibility factor increases when you use the SEO effectively. The results of putting the best SEO on your web page will not show immediate results. But it will need the time to build up from a year or more to see great results. When you go up the rankings, it is rare that you will fall down the rankings easily. The changes reflect when there is a competition that lurking in the corner as so many similar products and services hound the market every now and then. Try the best LinkHelpers Phoenix SEO.

The information that you would have put up on the site will help the visitors make an informed decision. They will be able to research well on the products and services that they are looking out for and this will help come back again if your site has the well-informed pages that are user-friendly. There has been considerable brand awareness and increase in the equity with the use of SEO. The website visitors may not just want to make a purchase but would like to browse through, but by this exercise, they will get the awareness of your existence and it will certainly be in their minds when want to use the service or product. Try the best for your business LinkHelpers Phoenix SEO.

The exposure is great in terms of attribution, the number times the visitor just sees your site even without purchasing creates the needed momentum for your brand. The paid advertising is usually ignored by the visitors and the websites are more seen and read into. Many people would shut down pop up ads or skip the ads but the website which is browsed usually gets a glance or more. The brands and companies have seen the increase in the referrals when people have found some website interesting and it would have some kind of use later or for their friends or acquaintances.

The number of conversions made can be accounted for whereas advertising does not have that privilege. This will also give an impetus for you to know how your website is progressing or whether it needs further optimisation. You could do so with the right kind of tools. There are also chances of increasing the business too.


A complete service of Scottsdale Seo for grow your customer base

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, initially, you must learn about the search engine optimization. Today, many Seo companies can guarantee the top page results in 48 hours. Usually, the search engine positions are determined by the highly complicated as well as secret algorithms followed by the search engines. At the best part, the Scottsdale SEO Company can make an intelligent guess and take some time to understand your aims and business. Actually, this search engine optimization company is specialized in Seo and marketing as well. They also provide you reliable seo services that will help you achieve the top search engine results in the Google, Yahoo and Bingo. In order to improve your site as fast as possible, they can use a lot of Seo tools and follow some strategies to bring the best possible outcomes.

Why choose Scottsdale Seo service?

Of course, your search engine optimization will have a very large component on the achievement of your company. They should be capable of operating very tough and also helps you gain much more popularity on the internet. With the help of professional Seo company in phoenix, your time and money will not be wasted and also ensure to bring a top position. This would totally change the present status of your company and also generate much more clients. The major reasons to approach the team of Scottsdale Seo services are promising you to be more honest as well as helpful in while making decisions. Once you approach them, they will definitely ensure the client satisfaction within their outcomes.

Achieve your business goal with Scottsdale Seo

The best thing about Scottsdale SEO is offering a vast array of various services. Of course, this is one of the most famous search engine optimization labs in the phoenix area and also specialized in so many things such as Ad words management and PPC management and so on. In addition to these specializations, they also set your business in a right position other than any other Seo companies. At this Phoenix Seo lab, you will get the best quality service as well as trustworthy work that make sure all the clients to obtain the results what they pay for. Moreover, this Seo Company also helps to deal with the online reputation management and ensure that their client’s search results are positive. Let you approach this Seo service in a customized way and meet you’re certain priorities and needs as well.



Web Design Facts You Never Knew About

Many sites fail to perform to expectations because the owners or designers do not have all the facts in their hands. Things are easy today because even beginners can make their sites with ease; after all, it just involves dragging things into a pre-made template. If you ask the experts from the Active Wizards Agency, they will tell you that a good website contains much more.

For all those with a desire to see their sites achieve the best results, then they need to understand as many facts as possible. Below are some of the helpful facts that you never knew about.

Good Coding Is Key

Initially, web designers used to make websites using code. However, things are much less complex today because you can just drag and drop things on a template to have your website ready. What most site owners and designers do not know is that a website may look great, but code errors can affect performance. Therefore, the builder must be keen to ensure that all the code is working well and does not have errors.

Templates Are Not Everything

Most people think that a great template is a winner, and now they can relax and wait for the website to prosper. Surprisingly, this is not true. Even though it is a plus, it is good to know that all templates have limitations. Before choosing a good-looking one, check what it offers and see if it will cover what you need. A great template should not compromise on other factors like performance, media and ads no matter how good looking it is.

Browsers Differ

When it comes to coding, browsers have their unique ways of seeing the code. However, it is crucial that you understand how each will work. Some people may not understand or cater to this, which makes it difficult to open a site using some browsers. Such a mistake can affect the productivity of a business in many ways you never thought. It is, therefore, important to consider all possible browsers and test to see how the website is working.

Speed Is Compulsory

Probably, you have not paid much attention to the speed of your website while doing different operations. How the pages load, how images load and even moving from one tab to another plays a role in the user experience. Luckily, some useful tools can be used to measure and enhance the speed of a site. According to experts, people are sensitive to how fast a site is. They will not come back if things are slow on your site, which can affect its productivity.

Consider Mobile

It is now a norm that most people use mobile phones to access websites. People who have not considered this are likely to encounter lower traffic on their sites. This is because normal websites open well while using a PC but will not do well in a mobile interface. However, with much more effort, one can make the website mobile friendly. The website detects a mobile device automatically and switches to a mobile interface in a seamless way.

What does an SEO Expert do?

An SEO specialist will make use of their skills to improve where your website shows up in natural also known as organic search results. These results are included in the search engine results because they are highly relevant to those who are searching for results. One of the key things to remember is that SEO is not simply a quick boost for the results and it can take time to see good results.


An SEO specialist will help keep you on track. The specialist will take a broader look at your overall business goals and then merger these with the best possible way that SEO can be used to support your goal. Your chosen specialist will then be able to put various steps into place which will ultimately improve the presence of your website online. These efforts will also ensure that your business is focused in the right direction.


SEO takes a multi-pronged approach to improve your website and web content. It considers

Technical factors, or how your site is built, to ensure it loads quickly and functions smoothly. On-page factors, not just keywords but other things such as high-quality content, simple navigation, and an effective layout and off-page factors, such as incoming links. Because optimization takes such an all-encompassing view of your site, you may want to start with an SEO audit, a comprehensive review of your website’s performance. Doing so can help you establish priorities and decide on the best place to start your SEO project; it will also help define your longer-term goals, the knowledge and experience needed to proceed, and the budget you have to hire an SEO specialist.


If you already know where you want to focus your efforts, start by identifying the relevant area of expertise when you select your SEO specialist. Many SEO-related skills overlap but should be prioritized to fit your project’s objectives. For example, A technical project may call for expertise in WordPress or Joomla, an understanding of web hosting and the things that can influence site speed, familiarity with of server-side scripting, or programming know-how. If your focus is an on-page optimization, knowledge of keyword research, analytics, local search strategy, or split testing can be helpful.


For off-page SEO, knowing how to build natural backlinks is key. Being able to analyze web traffic as well as your industry and competitors can help refine those efforts. Ultimately no aspect of SEO works in isolation; content is ranked by the cumulative impact of numerous details. So, while your project may have a narrow focus, consider looking for an SEO specialist who can understand how different elements work together.


This does not, however, mean that you SEO specialist shouldn’t have a particular area of expertise; people often get into SEO from different backgrounds, such as writing, design, or programming. It does mean they should be able to see the big picture and keep it in mind as your project moves forward.